PINKTURBAN.US is a collective effort of many to bring forth awareness about Sikhism in our society and to honor the cancer survivors.

As many Sikhs have been a target of mistaken identity resulting in hate crime, discrimination, etc. We believe, by educating people about the Sikhs' identity, we are helping bring a change for our future generations to be as successful as everyone else, without them being strangers. The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness among all Americans and other World citizens about Sikhism and Turban and to help correct misperceptions about Turban through which we share the values of love, faith, equality and social justice. Turbans are tied to Americans and Non -Sikhs, and educational material is distributed by the volunteers.

Sikhs of NY and Sikhs of St Louis tied up with the Susan G. Komen foundation based in NYC and St. Louis, MO to spread awareness about Breast cancer and honor those fighting the tough battle. The organization used core Sikh values from Sikh gurus to always support and serve those in need or fighting diseases. Volunteers from Sikhs of NY and St Louis dressed in all pink colors tie pink turbans to honor the brave with the Sikh crown. Every year more than thousands of Survivors and who are fighting with Breast cancer are crowned with pink turban.